When the speculators of the Gold Rush arrived in 1849, the look of the day was Italianate – a movement which tried to re-create the look of the farmhouses and villas of the Italian countryside. Most of these properties perished in 1906, but some originals remain…

Our Jersey Street Project was a tasteful remodel of a three bedroom Italianate Style home in fashionable Noe Valley.


This was a complete remodel of the main floor of the property, which needed to be completely altered.


Interior walls were removed to create a more open plan layout – this required structural supports and an urgent seismic structural upgrades were added.

Floors needed to be lowered by to create extra headroom.


The main floor of the property is now completely open plan. Due to the new structural supports, the property is now more structurally sound than before.

We included new custom kitchen, upgraded the windows and increased the window area at the rear of the property to allow more natural light. We also added solar panels, a new rear master suite, and upgraded two upper level bedrooms to match main floor.


Clients delighted with final result. Below is a gallery of images showing the finished project;