At OARCON, our professional and friendly team make every effort to give life to your ideas in order to create your dream home. From initial concept through to finishing detail, we work collaboratively with our clients to create their vision, keeping an open mind to all suggestions and requirements.

Focusing on professionalism, commitment and excellence in every aspect of your project, we guarantee a smooth delivery from concept to completion. We are qualified, fully licensed and expert craftsmen who take great pride in the quality of our work. We have delivered on a vast array of residential projects,ranging from custom designed homes to multi-unit dwellings.

Providing full range of construction services to our clients, we dedicate personal attention to each job; big or small. From remodelling a single room to restoring a heritage home, we offer quality and real value for your money in a range of construction services.


This is the initial consultation stage of the construction process where we meet clients and/or architects to listen to your ideas and requirements. Then – based on the information you share with us, we will prepare a detailed project proposal document focusing on full costings and schedule of works.

Architects & Designers

We offer a full Portfolio of AIA listed Architect’s and Design Teams, that we have worked with. We have established relationships with a select team of San Francisco’s finest industry professional’s, ensuring that we can facilitate any area of a construction project.

Planning & Permits

The process of applying for planning and construction permits can be complicated and tedious. We are also experienced at the administrative aspect of construction projects and can easily navigate the permit application process on your behalf.


When required, we can expand our operation by drawing on an established pool of experienced and trusted specialists. We have long-established relationships with some of the very best craftsmen and tradespeople in San Francisco.

Design/Build Concept

Some projects require creative input from a construction team. When required, we can collaborate with you, architects or interior designers to develop ideas and discuss the practicalities of project requirements. Our process of clear, uncomplicated and understandable dialogue ensures a cohesive, holistic and positive ‘team’ approach from the very beginning of a project.

Seismic Upgrades / Soft Story Retrofits

Building in the San Francisco Bay Area provides some unique challenges. Constructing properties which are earthquake-ready, or retro-fitting older properties to protect against seismic activity are areas of construction we have vast experience in.

Project Management

All construction projects require a Project Manager to ensure quality, performance and timescale expectations are met from start to finish. With OARCON, you will have the added benefit of a management team with over 50 years combined experience building in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Environmental Responsibility

Throughout all areas of our construction processes, we are acutely aware of our environmental responsibilities. We build homes which are environmentally sound and we operate strict policies of Recycling, Responsible Sourcing of sustainably produced materials, Energy Efficiency and Reduced Waste.


OARCON is also powered by the leading Project Management software ‘Procore’ – a mobile & collaborative all-in-one platform built to streamline Construction project management. Bringing the owner & client directly into the building process.


We have great confidence in the quality of our work and are therefore happy to provide any after construction service required.